New Hope

We meet as a church every Sunday on York Road at 10:30AM.


Children and youth are welcome at all services! Join us online via our Facebook group by clicking here.


Our rhythm of worship looks different week to week.


1st Sunday of the month: Contemporary worship/preaching in the Sanctuary and SPIRITED (worship-dance group) in the Vault.


2nd Sunday of the month: Awake and Selah – new approach to all age worship.


Broken into two parts, Awake is specifically targeted for children to connect with Jesus. Selah is a reflective form of worship.


3rd Sunday of the month: Holy Communion.


4th Sunday of the month: Awake and Selah (as above).

5th Sunday of the month: Contemporary worship/preaching.


Everyone is welcome! Refreshments are served in the Vault from 10.15AM, on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month.

What is SpiriteD?

Spirited is worship-dance group, designed to encourage those who are dance-inclined to express their worship to God through dance! It's a wonderful time to freestyle dance as you worship, as well as learn choreographed dance.

Who for?

From 10:30AM-10:50AM, 11+ only.

From 10:50AM, under 11s are welcome to join.

No previous dance experience necessary!


Every 1st Sunday of the month.

There is also opportunity to lead dance-worship at Awaken (see below for more info) on 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month.

What is Awake?

Awake is all about kids connecting with Jesus.

We have designed a programme, together with our young people, which is really fun an interactive!

The Bible lessons are simple, but they explore the profound truths of Christian discipleship.

The musical worship is upbeat and will be led by our dance-worship crew: Spirited.


10:30AM: Games

10:30AM: Why? Questions

10:45AM: Puppet-led Bible exploration

10:50AM: Band and Spirited-led worship

11AM: Prayer and handover to Selah team

What is Selah?

Selah, in the Psalms, is often translated as a pause in the music.

That is what we want to create after Awake - a resting time with Jesus.

Selah is part of our weekday worship at New Hope, and we wanted to incorporate some of that same feel into our Sunday worship.


11:05AM: Band-led worship

11:10AM: Prayer and Psalm/poetry/thought

11:20AM-11:30AM: Band-led worship to finish